Boijmans Van Beuningen Art Depot – Rotterdam

The building has a clear expression: Service functions are placed in the basement. The art-depot is placed in the treasure chest. The museum and cafe are placed in the ‘glass diamond’ with a panoramic view over the harbour and city of Rotterdam.


The facade of the art-depot expresses a rock: sacred, static and solid. The sediments of the rock shown in the facade resemble the historic background of the art.


The tilting glass diamond arouses curiosity from below and  makes a balancing contrast with the rock.


The canal and the drawbridge intensify the idea of the valuable content of the art-depot. Once you enter the rock through the bridge, there is a cone-shaped hole getting natural light from above. The spiral staircase leads the visitor through the art-depot; the visitor makes a journey through the history of art. The visitor will be awarded with a panoramic view over Rotterdam when reaching the top. The glass diamond houses the museum and the cafe.

The building looks orthogonal, static and solid from the outside. From within, however, the building is organic and dynamic. The visitor flows through the building.

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