Floating House ( for Carl Turner Architects )

Flooding is and will be a major national (and global) problem. Protecting the areas at risk with top-down landscaping measures (e.g. defence walls) is often too expensive. A lot of areas are in danger of flooding and we should think about solutions for this. The problem of flooding should be solved at its roots (i.e. climate change) by making the  house carbon neutral and self-sufficient.


DIY is becoming increasingly popular. Techniques such as 3d printing and CNC  milling makes it easier for everyone to build and the Internet makes it easier to exchange information. This gives architecture the potential to become more available – not only for the rich – by providing open source Architecture, which means that blueprints can be downloaded for free from the Paperhouses website.
The project has been approached with this in mind. The hull could be made by a subcontractor or the shuttering could be made with the use of CNC milling. The solid timber structure (CLT) can be ordered from a CLT manufacturer, which can build it on site just in one or two weeks. Windows will be supplied and fitted by the Manufacturer etc. People can choose in which degree they want to Do It Themselves.

Paperhouses in Wired Magazine in May 2014
“Architecture has long had an accessibility problem: You want a bespoke house? good design has become a luxury; an out-of-reach idea that only the rich have access to, which is actually the exact opposite of what good design should be. But what if architecture behaved more like technology? Can you expand the reach of quality design by applying the same principles behind open source code to architecture? Ask Joana Pacheco (ed. Paperhouses), and the answer will be a resounding yes.”


More info: http://www.dezeen.com/2015/01/23/carl-turner-prefabricated-open-source-floating-house-floodwater/