Potato House

There are three farm buildings which form an ensemble:
1. The former farmhouse (listed building)
2. A large barn
3. A smaller horse stable

To transform the farmhouse back into to the main home of the family, would require extensive building measurements. It was therefore decided to convert the farmhouse into a modest guesthouse and to rebuild the horse stable into the main house. The large barn will function as an art atelier.

The former farmhouse’s uniqueness lies in its austerity. It gives an insight in former farm life, and can even be described a ‘monument of poverty’. It’s like stepping in Vincent Van Gogh’s Potato eaters painting.

The modest atmosphere was kept alive and even re-ensured. Archaic materials are chosen in spirit of the farmhouse.


The floor-plan confirms to the original. A new concrete slab fused with the foundation ensures a longer life-span.

Little amendments were made: the kitchen is replaced to the so-called “opkamer” and the former WC now contains a simple bathroom.


The minimal details of the new bathroom seamlessly integrate into the character of the farmhouse.