“Only a compound can be be beautiful, never anything devoid of parts; and only a whole; the several parts will have beauty, not in themselves, but only as working together to give a comely total. Yet a beauty in an aggregate demands beauty in details: it can not be constructed out of ugliness; it’s law must run throughout” Plotinos


Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution the world became more complex. Industrialisation, globalisation, digitalisation, commercialisation and so on, are changing and have changed the world completely.

In our designs we always try to filter this complexity (and often consequential contradictions) into the pure and essential. In the end architecture is about the improvement of people’s life and environment, as far as architecture can contribute in this. By means of organisation – materials cut out from nature, formed by the natural elements; light, wind, water and fire – but also beauty. The rational and the emotional.

To give – physical and psychological – shelter for both people and nature and protect from or expose to the elements; light, wind, water and fire, a design arises.

Our designs are often related to the analogy between music and architecture. Music is organised sound. Architecture is organised light. Music has – like architecture – structure, proportion and composition. Architecture needs – like music – rhythm, melody and soul.

Next to music, philosophy and art – as an inspiration – are very important in our designs, these are connectors of cultural influenced ratio and emotion. From these rational and emotional starting points arises a prioritised layering.


We believe successful architecture is not the private invention of an “individual artist”. Successful architecture is the condensation of the spirit of people, beauty is the outcome of an unification. It’s all about teamwork and therefore we always try to find and create a team of highly talented, collaborative and pro-active team-members.

Team members : Julius Taminiau, Helena Mokhtar, Veerle Vogels, Jubal Green, Venetia Kollia, Thea Cali, Lee Pinju, Stefani Vozila, Yangwook Kang ( current & former )